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How to reach the property?

ROOM 47 tivoli via domenico giuliani 47_esterno.jpg


Before your arrival we will send all the necessary details including the exact location of the structure and directions to all nearby car parks.

To get there take the 'Tivoli' exit and then
via Tiburtina SS5 direction Tivoli o
the next exit 'Castel Madama' if you arrive from Rome on the A24 motorway.
From the exit take the direction of Tivoli, Hospital.

Room 47 is located 200 meters from Tivoli Hospital.

The structure is not located in the restricted traffic zone and without any time restrictions you can arrive in front to unload your suitcases.

In the area you will find three car parks.
One right in front, one in front of the hospital and the third along the Aniene river in via Roma.

ROOM 47 tivoli via domenico giuliani 47_esterno.jpg


Not bad!

The station is about 15 minutes away. of walking and
right from the start it will allow you to visit one of the most beautiful areas of Tivoli
(Ponte Gregoriano).

Leave Tivoli Station, taking viale Giuseppe Mazzini you will arrive in Piazza Massimo in front of the entrance to the Villa Gregoriana.

Take the Gregoriano Bridge, always going straight towards the centre, before the climb take the road on the left 'via dei Sosii' and continue straight ahead.

The walk lasts 15 minutes. approximately and is 1 km long.


Useful links:
CAT local bus

Cotral regional bus

Tivoli LINK bus - Tivoli Villas

Regional train




This solution is also optimal.

You can choose between two bus stops.

The first one is near Rocca Pia in Piazzale delle Nazioni Unite (the furthest) but it will allow you to cross
the center of Tivoli and enjoy the first walk.

Alternatively the closest stop is in
via Empolitana (Hospital) which is approximately 450 m from the structure where you can leave your suitcases and visit our Tivoli.

Get off the bus at the Tivoli | stop Via Empolitana (Hospital) and go towards the center of Tivoli / Hospital.
After the hospital, turn right and go down Via Domenico Giuliani.
The walk lasts approximately 6 minutes and is 450m long.

The shortest way to reach our property by public transport.

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