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Room47 Tivoli?

' Leaving is the most beautiful and courageous of all actions.

A selfish joy perhaps,

but always a joy, which knows how to give value to freedom.

Knowing that you are alone, without needing others and

feel at home anywhere and set off to conquer the world. '

Your Room 47.

ROOM47 Tivoli - Temporary Home and Home in Villa are the accommodation facilities that put PEOPLE first.
For us you are not customers, you are our GUESTS who we invite to come to our home -

the wonderful TIVOLI.

Room 47 a temporary home where even if for a short time, we want you to feel at home.

You feel welcomed.

My name is KAROLINA and I would like to tell you my story.

A story of love and passion.

. . . I was little and I dreamed of travelling. . .

. . . Traveling I found love and a place where I felt at home.

. . .
I'll tell you about my place and invite you to visit and experience it, waiting for you to tell me your stories.

This is why it was born

karolina studzinska.jpg

Start your journey and…

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Temporary Home


Home in Villa


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