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If you have never been to Tivoli,

now is the right time to do it!

ROOM 47 is an accommodation facility outside Rome, far from the confusion that allows you to experience the reality of a small Italian city and its internationally renowned places!

ROOM 47 Temporary Home was born from the desire to host people and make them feel at home.

A temporary home where, even if only for a short time, guests feel at ease.

They feel welcomed, identify with the place and have fun. They belong to the place and the city.

Be sustainable!

We care a lot about our city and the planet!

Thinking about the future, let's do what we can!

In our structure we aim for separate waste collection.

In the kitchen you will find 4 buckets: one dedicated to non-separatable waste, one for wet waste and the other two dedicated for paper and plastic/aluminium.

Even our souvenirs that we give you on some occasions are always 0 km.

We promote local companies!

This guide is also digital to minimize the amount of paper used.

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Yes! to waste!

If you come to us for a few days don't worry

We'll take care of waste disposal!

But if you stay in ROOM 47 for more than 5 days and you care about the environment you can participate in the separate waste collection of the City of Tivoli, help the City remain among the virtuous municipalities of Lazio and contribute to a sustainable world.

The materials are collected on the following days, and are displayed on the street near the door the evening before from 9.00 pm to 6.00 am


You say what
think of us!

In the apartment you will find

One line a day!

The diary where you can write everything you want to tell us on the date of your stay! Thank you :)


To see in Tivoli:

. Villa d'Este

. Hadrian's Villa

. Gothic house

. Gregorian Bridge

. Villa Gregoriana and the Great Waterfall

. Temples of Veste and Sibyl

. Rocca Pia and Bleso Amphitheatre

. Roman aqueduct

. Sanctuary of Hercules Victor

. Alleys of the historic center

. Cathedral

. Church of San Pietro alla Carità

. Church of Santa Maria Maggiore

. Tivoli Civic Museum ...and many other magical places...



. Subiaco

. Arsoli

. San Polo dei Cavalieri

. Palestrina

. Palombara Sabina

. Saint Gregory of Sassola

. San Vittorino waterfalls

. Earn it

. Farfa

. Nerola

. Orvinio

. Roman castles and lakes (Lake Albano and Lake Nemi)

Eno gastronomy.

The charm of Tivoli is also linked to the local food and wine tradition, to the production of typical products of the land, such as Pizzutello grapes and extra virgin olive oil.

Piz zutello.

Type of high quality table grape produced in the Tivoli area and also known as horn grapes due to its curious oval shape, pizzutello can be grown in two qualities, white grapes and black grapes.


Extra virgin olive oil
Tiburtine lands

The production of oil in Tivoli has very ancient origins, dating back to the Roman Empire. In fact, the Romans themselves knew very well the famous “Oleum Tiburtinum”, an extraordinary oil produced in the countryside of ancient Tibur. This product has represented the essential food of the neighboring populations for entire centuries, becoming over time one of the most important products of local agriculture.


. 1. living room with kitchenette

. 2 . bedroom . 3. bath

. 4. wardrobe . 5. work space

. 6. laundry . 7. vacuum

. 8. iron

. 9. change of bed / change of bathroom linen

. 10. warm plaids / blankets. 11. umbrellas

. 12. Fire extinguisher . 13. first-aid kit



Wifi . Wind3 HUB FC205D

pass . 9 3 b h 6 d f z 7 p p 4 k egq

Contact us!

You can always call on the number:

+ 39 333 52 75 479. +39 377 23 29 249. +39 0774 55 80 17

write on WhatsApp:

+39 324 89 53 045

in case of emergency use the following emergency numbers: 112 - Carabinieri - via Aldo Moro. Tivoli

113 - State Police - Largo Salvo d'Acquisto 20. Tivoli

115 - Fire Brigade

118 - Ambulance

Emergency room - via Parrozzani 3. Tivoli

0774 33 41 19 - Municipal Police of Tivoli

via Monte Vescovo 2. Tivoli


How to get?

With the car?

Before your arrival we will send all the necessary details including the exact location of the structure and directions to all nearby car parks.

with train? Not bad. The station is about a 15 minute walk away and will allow you to visit one of the most beautiful areas of Tivoli right from the start (Ponte Gregoriano)

by Cotral bus? This solution is also optimal. You can choose between two bus stops. The first is in Piazzale delle Nazioni Unite (the furthest) but will allow you to cross the center of Tivoli and enjoy the first walk, alternatively the closest stop is in via Emopolitana (Hospital) which is about 450 m from the structure where you can leave your suitcases and visit our Tivoli.

The Villas!

To visit the Villas of Tivoli by public transport we invite you to consult the following websites:




Where to eat?

Abbiamo qualche suggerimento per te:

a Tivoli troverete tanti posti dove potrete mangiare,

ne abbiamo scelti alcuni per Voi:


+ SPAZIO CORAMIN_ Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 3, 00019, Tivoli (CENTRO)

+ DA MAURIZIO_ Via Sante Viola 12, 00019, Tivoli I (CENTRO)

+ LABORATORIO 08_ Via Colsereno, 112, 00019 Tivoli (CENTRO)

+ IL FLO’S CAFE’ & BISTROT_ Via Ponte Gregoriano, 3, 00019 Tivoli (CENTRO) + PASTICCERIA MIMMO_ Via  Trevio, 82, 00019 Tivoli (CENTRO)



+ DA UGO PIZZELLA_ Piazza Rivarola 17, 00019, Tivoli (CENTRO)

+ L’APE 50_ Via Ponte Gregoriano 5, 00019, Tivoli  (CENTRO)

+ BOTTEGA DEL GRANO_ Via Ponte Gregoriano 5, 00019, Tivoli (CENTRO)

+ OSTERIA MOM_ Vicolo Inversata 33 Piazzetta Teatro Giusepetti, 00019, Tivoli (CENTRO)

+ VIVA L’OSTE_ Via Santa Sinferusa 6/8 Adiacente Piazza Del Plebiscito, 00019, Tivoli (CENTRO)

+ OSTERIA LA BRICIOLA_ Via Scuole Rurali, 2, 00019, Tivoli ( LOC. BIVIO SAN POLO_CON AUTO _ 8 min )

+ IL FLO’S CAFE’ & BISTROT_ Via Ponte Gregoriano, 3, 00019 Tivoli (CENTRO) + IL CIOCCO_Via Ponte Gregoriano, 3, 00019 Tivoli (CENTRO)

+ VILLA ESEDRA_ Via Di Villa Adriana, 00019, Tivoli ( LOC. VILLA ADRIANA_CON AUTO _ 10 min - Vicino alla Villa)

+ LA FORNARINA _ Piazza Palatina 8 , 00019, Tivoli (CENTRO)




+ PREMIATA GELATERIA _KALAKTA_ Viale Trieste, 00019, Tivoli (CENTRO)

+ TIRAMISUHOUSE.TIVOLI  Laboratorio Artigianale di Tiramisu _ Vicolo dei Palatini, 00019  Tivoli (CENTRO)



+ ENOTECA GADI_ Via Ponte Gregoriano 10, 00019, Tivoli (CENTRO)

+ LA SCALA_ Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 8, 00019 Tivoli (CENTRO)

+ THE PUBLIC  HOUSE - WHISKY BAR_Via Inversata 9, 00019, Tivoli (CENTRO)

Room 47 belongs

to the Tivoli Host Association.

Thanks to this you can benefit

of the promotion!

Do you want to discover the discounts dedicated to you?

You can get them by presenting the key ring that you will find inside Room47!

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